Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Baby finds a family

Last week we had been all ready to welcome a baby girl into our Happy House family.
Uncle Billy, our social worker, had been contacted by the children's office in Malindi asking if we could give a home to little Christine.
Her mum, who was HIV positive, died shortly after giving birth in late July and she had been in hospital since then.
Her two older siblings, of different fathers, are in the care of a children's home in Malindi.
Of course, we would take Christine. As Mama says: "We will always have room, there will always be room for another one."
But it was not to be.
Uncle Billy explains: "The children's office called me to say the baby's relatives have resurfaced
and are laying claim to her.
"It is an intriguing story since the mother was from up country and had two other children in children's homes. "They are now waiting for the father to this baby who is of swahili origin and definitely
not the dad to the other two.
"It is disappointing since we are willing and able to help but also rewarding if the baby is cared for and loved by her own blood relations."

There is a long way to go yet before the future of this little one is secured.
Uncle Billy adds: "We close it at that point for now,but many other complications might arise requiring us to help.
"We shall certainly not dissappoint."
                                                  Cassava crop

Our gardener Chris proudly shows off a bumper crop of cassava, which, once  collected from the garden, has gone straight to the kitchen along with other freshly grown vegetables ready to be used to cook up highly nutrituous meals for our kids. 

Brighton event tonight
There's still time to snap up a ticket for Marc and Thalia Venturi 's Happy House charity night   at the King and Queen, Marlborough Place, Brighton, from 6.30pm-10.30pm, tonight. There are some great prizes to be won in the raffle and Rock and Roll Bingo plus live music from acoustic band Beatroot, a home-cooked finger buffet and cakes donated by the resort's Sticky Fingers!
Tickets - £6 in advance or £7.50 on the door -are available from Marc on 0773 607 1486 . Wishing lots of love for a fantastic night Mark, Thalia and family xxx