Sunday, 14 October 2012

Kids serve up a double helping

We have two Happy House bloggers today. Jane writes about the results gained by our children in the recent mid-term exams and the bonus blog comes with a time-critical weather report from Janet with a familiar ring to it! 

                       The Number One kids... by Jane
When you are number one in your class at school you make your Mama and Papa very proud.
I am happy that I am number one and making Mama and Papa pleased and happy.
In our school, all the children who are number one in their exams are Happy House kids.
Is good to perform well.  Auntie Velma make this picture of those who has perform well in class to be in
position one. They are:-
Playgroup : Alex

Baby class: Melis
Kg 1: Ushindi, Mwende, Natasha and Pendo
Kg3 : John
Class 1: Hope
Class 2: Jane
Class 3: Margaret
Pictured are: Back: Janet, Margaret, Mariam; middle: Natasha, Hope, John, Jane; front Mwende, Melis, Ushindi and Pendo. Alex was taking a nap!
When it rains .... by Janet
I have send for you some photos about the weather. It is cold and wet. It is so much raining throughout the day so we keep putting on our raincoats and sweaters.
There is alot of water everywhere and we play indoor games, we go to the computer and library.
On weekends we normally stay inside the house so that the babies cannot play with water.
During the rainy season we plant some crops such as maize, tomatoes, pawpaw etc.
We keep looking after each other.