Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sitting up and taking notice

Baby Esther, the youngest member of our family, is sitting up and taking notice.
And as you see this little girl has just the biggest and most beautiful eyes as her windows on the world.
Esther, found abandoned in scrubland when she was just a few days old, has become a very special little sister to our other children since she joined us, straight from hospital, in February.
We can only imagine  the tragic circumstances of her birth and abandonment, but we do know that she has been loved from the moment Mama Sue brought her home and that  growing up as a Happy House kid she will never be short of love and affection.
Back in January, shortly after Esther was found, Steve and Cheryl Cushing were visiting the Happy House and made this video which show the Happy House and tells Esther's story http://www.childrenofwatamu.net/sponsored-child-scheme/making-a-difference