Thursday, 28 May 2015

Two little boys go home to dad

After a year with our family, two little brothers have gone home to live with their dad.
Saul (left) and Teddy had been living with their mother, who was not married to their father, when they were taken into care having been deemed in need of protection.
Their dad, who loves them very much, has visited as often as he could and we have been working with him and the children's office in Malindi to bring about their repatriation.
Their dad and his family have been granted joint custody of the children and Saul andTeddy have joined a school near their grandparents' home.
Their father has taken leave from his work to ensure that the boys have time to settle and adjust to their new home. 
The family are intent on working together to ensure the brothers have a happy, safe, and fulfilled childhood.
For the little boys this is the best possible outcome. 
It is our duty in law to maintain contact with family members and to work towards uniting families when possible and children's services will keep a watchful eye on their progress so that we know all remains well.
Once again, the Happy House has been a a refuge of love, safety and support for children in a time of family crisis.