Thursday, 21 May 2015

Cheers as little Chesco joins our family

After a sad start in life, little Chesco has a reason to smile.
Abandoned by his mum, who is known to be a drug addict, he was living in poverty with an aged relative in very poor health.
She was is so infirm that her mobility is badly affected and she had suffered a fall the previous week caused by her trying to carry Chesco on her back.
When he was rescued he was in a sorry state - dirty, half naked, bare footed and hungry.
His mother's whereabouts are unknown, although she is understood to be still in the area.
Chesco , who is thought to be about 16 months old, was deemed to be in need of protection and Happy House was called.
The whereabouts of his mother are unknown but she is believed to be somewhere in the Watamu are.
Chesco (pictured with Uncle Ronald, placement social worker) was welcomed home to Happy House by his new family who gathered to greet him, excited to see their new brother for the first time.
Mama Sue said: "  He is just lovely. We had biscuits at Kidz Club and he was breaking them up and sharing with everyone until all he had was crumbs
"He's a little joy."
It costs £20 a month (around 65p a day) to sponsor to Happy House child. We desperately need  more sponsors to join our family and to help us give the children in our care the best chance in life.
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