Wednesday, 20 May 2015

School Report: Lessons to feed lively minds

 Now in the third week of term, all is running smoothly despite it being the rains, writes Madam Nelly.
Monday is  guidance and counselling day, and last week, after lessons pupils and teachers gathered in the banda for a talk on the theme of discipline, led by Mr Isaac.
Our students enjoyed the session because it was interactive and they were very much involved .
They assisted by reminding one another on how they should behave.
In Kindergarten, teachers have been spending extra time with a few pupils who are struggling in certain areas of classwork..
Classes 6,7 and 8  sat their "wake up" exam  - a common examination which is taken in both Government and private schools in the district.
Day one, the subject papers were maths and English and  on day two were science, Kiswahili and social studies.
We have great hopes our school leading in the district.
The KG 2 pupils enjoyed a practical lesson demonstrating the many uses water,  when, in one illustration, Mercy Changawa showed the others how water is used for washing laundry!