Friday, 8 May 2015

Homeward bound after a lovely trip

Mama and Papa will be arriving back home this morning after two busy weeks in the UK.
They've had a lovely time catching up with old friends and making new ones as they never fail to inspire those they meet.
A highlight of their trip was the wedding of Steph Hill and Gavin Kelly on Saturday in Blackpool.
Steph, now mum to Theo, is devoted to her little sponsor child, Lily.
She has been helping our family since 2009 when she and her sister. Lynsey, did a bungee jump to help towards finishing and furnishing the Happy House which was then under construction.
When the Happy House opened, Steph became the first member of Lily's sponsor family and our youngest sponsor.
Steph and her family have are great friends of Mama and Papa and having them at her wedding meant a great deal.
"It was a really lovely day and Steph was a beautiful bride," said Mama.
On Sunday,  more friends Terry and Wendy Burns of Furniture for Education Worldwide, who have been supporting Happy House since the early days and provided all our school furniture and much of that we have in Happy House, called over to see Mama and Papa and brought with them this special shield to mark the friendship between our charity and their own.  It will take pride of place in the Happy House,
Mama and Papa travelled light when they came here, so they could take back with them many of the essentials so needed by our children and which you have so kindly donated, including dozens and dozens of pairs of croc-type shoes.
So when they set off for the airport they had a boot load of bags all filled to brim.
They will be home this morning and back with the kids who have been looking forward to their homecoming from the moment they left!