Saturday, 9 May 2015

The wide world of dance

Our kids have a natural sense of rhythm.
From the moment they can walk they can dance and as well as making their own amazing dance moves, they can pick up new dances in a jiffy.
One advantage of having visitors and volunteers from all over the world is that they introduce our children to new and exciting activities in arts, crafts and other fields.
Auntie Dawn Heather White on her most recent trip gave the girls a glimpse into the traditional art of belly dancing which has its roots in Middle Eastern culture but which is taught as both a form of art and exercise in classes all over Europe.
Dawn Heather who lives in Bangor, Northern Ireland, had packed some essential coin-festooned hip scarves and music,  so she could host an introductory dance class for Margaret, Janet and headmistress Madam Rose
Uncle Billy said: "As you know we like our children to take any opportunity afforded to them. When our friend Dawn Heather said she could belly dance, it was too good to miss.
" She had brought some music and the special wraps that tinkle as the dancer moves. 
" The girls loved it and as always with our kids they could do it immediately.
" The girls  had lots of fun and promised to show their sisters."
Thank you Dawn Heather for the lesson and for sending a dvd to give them a chance to teach themselves ... which we know they will!