Saturday, 2 May 2015

Rainy start to visits

For last week of the holidays a number of our children have been on visits to relatives.
Keeping contact between a child and their relatives is a key part of our work and our caring social worker, Uncle Billy, assesses family situations before every "home" visit to ensure each child will be safe and looked after and cared for.
Relatives unable because of their circumstances to care for a child full-time may to take them in for a few days and the kids enjoy going back to the villages or homesteads of their birth.
On Saturday morning, at 7.30am, relatives who had travelled through the rain, gathered at the Happy House ready to collect their youngsters.
"The rain didn't dampen the spirits!" says Uncle Billy.
The children will all be back home  at Happy House this weekend ready for the start of the new school term next week.