Wednesday, 13 May 2015

School Report: Back to a busy start

First week back at school after the holidays. Mr Mdachi reports:
School has restarted for the second term of the year which lasts for 14 weeks.
And it was straight down to serious learning as there is much to be done to cover the syllabus and for revision.
The success of our school and our end of term closing ceremony, which was so colourful and entertaining, has resulted in some of our visitors seeking to transfer their children to our school. We have been interviewing and assessing  them so that we can place them where they fit. 
Our  year eight candidates who are sitting for the National exam in early November are seriously revising and committed to their work with the help of their teachers.

Here in Watamu, the weather has changed and its now cold and raining. We have advised our children to bring and wear their school sweaters.