Monday, 11 May 2015

Mama and Papa home to family joy

 After a long journey from the UK, Mama and Papa arrived home safe and to the warmest welcome in the world.
They had been missed from the moment they left two weeks earlier, so the kids were simply jumping up and down with excitement knowing they were coming home.
They went straight to school where children and staff, both from home and school, had gathered to greet them.
After a good night's rest, they spent Saturday morning catching up with the children's news and sharing news of their trip, before settling down all together to watch our new Happy House film - Love, Laughter and Tears.
The film, made by Massimiliano Zeuli. and starring our family was cause for great excitement.
Uncle Billy said: " It was truly appreciated as masterpiece  by all present staff  and children."
Mama and papa still have a lot of unpacking to do but they had got some of the generous gifts sent by friends.
These included a belly dancing dvd sent by DawnHeather White, which sparked an instant demonstration!
There were football boots for Janet and Margaret, plus other sports equipment, sent by Jo and Peter Reid and other friends.
There was also a parcel from Paul Hatch which, to Papa's delight, included a Leeds Shirt which he is showing to Evans and  a card for Salama.
A lovely time together finished with a celebration cake which went down a treat!