Wednesday, 6 May 2015

School Report: On top form

Janet takes part in a science quiz!
Top of the class!
In the recent district examinations, Happy House School led the field in Maths  taking top ranking out of 89 schools, and in science we were in third place.
This is a real achievement, as the benchmark for pupils in schools like our own, which is classed as a private school, is set higher than for pupils in Government schools.
Our lively, inter-active lessons, are led by enthusiastic teachers who have equally enthusiastic pupils.
Our children love learning, eager to soak up every bit of knowledge. 
 At 6.30 in the morning, our primary pupils are laughing and smiling as they walk to school, looking forward to the day ahead.
Here Mr Isaac, who teaches both primary maths and science, talks about the techniques he uses for teaching science:
Mr Isaac in class
For learners to perform well in a particular subject they should like the subject and have a positive attitude.
My aim is to inspire them to the importance of science and its relevance to their day to day lives.
They really enjoy learning topics including the human body, health education, plants, animals, environment, energy, making work easier, soil and water.
I use a practical approach towards each topic thus the learners grasp the knowledge and they don’t forget easily as they have learnt it practically.
My special thanks to Mama Sue for providing many facilities to motivate learning - computers, DVD ROMs, just to mention but a few.
Not forgetting the school garden where learners can learn more about plants, weeds,  and methods of controlling the weeds.
Another approach l have used is by dividing the classes into groups according to different abilities and during group work they learn from their peers and friends bringing up team work in performance as a whole.
I have confidence that they will shine not only in science but also in other subjects.