Friday, 29 May 2015

Hassan, the perfect young gentleman

 Good manners are so important in life and at the Happy House our children are growing up to be courteous and caring towards each other.
When our fabulous friend Francis Asher, Uncle Frankie to our kids, spent three months volunteering with our family he chatted to them about always being polite and respectful.
He introduced the boys to the concept of "ladies first" and being young gentlemen!
They haven't forgotten.
This week Mama Sue chose Hassan as her special Star of the Week for being so respectful towards the girls.
Mama was impressed that when, at a meeting with some of the older kids in the family,.Hassan immediately stood to offer his seat  when the girls arrived after the boys and all the seats were taken..
"It was just lovely and so spontaneous," said Mama "he is always so helpful and polite,"
She had great pleasure in presenting him with a certificate at Kidz Club.
Four birthdays were also celebrated with presents handed out to each very happy child.
Auntie Rose made the presentation to Husna,  Uncle Billy to Harrison, while Susanna Gregorio, a great friend from Italy, handed Selina her gift.. Susanna and Papa did the honours by handing Johnnie his birthday bag.
Well done Hassan for being a perfect gentleman and Happy Birthday to Selina, Harrison, Husna and John.