Sunday, 10 May 2015

A happy school, by Fikiri

Our Happy House kids are back to school this week, and the joy of their new school, just down the lane from  home, is a strong as ever.
Fikiri, today's junior blogger, tells us about the first time he saw it:
"It was on a Saturday morning that we saw our new school for the first time.
We were going to the market that early morning, but were were told to wait for instructions.
When Mama Sue came she said that we shall not go to the market,   that we are going to the new school. 
When we went there ever body was surprised .
All of us Happy House kids they said that the school is very big.
The small kids were very happy to see their classes,  even the big pupils when they went to their classes they were saying that the classes are very big. 
Now we have settled in our school. This is the second term.
It is a very happy school."