Sunday, 31 May 2015

A football treat - by Rukia

Last weekend, Mama and Papa took  a group of our most avid football fans on an outing into the village to watch a game on television. The kids loved it, and so did Mama and Papa as Rukia reports:
How are you I hope you are fine and me too?
I wanted to tell you that on Sunday we went to a hotel with Mama Sue and Papa Dave and we were going to watch a football match.
 I took some pictures while we were there.
,And we drank soda, and also we ate chips and sausage.
Mama was too generous to us.
We really enjoyed the day. 
Mama says: The match was Manchester United and Hull. It was a nil nil draw, but it meant that Hull city were relegated. On the same day all the other matches were played at the same time, so it was exciting for the us all to keep seeing reports from the other matches and the scores.
Habel at Marina Restaurant, made sausage and chips for the children with sodas. 
Dave and I really enjoyed our time with the 12 and we were all chatting and laughing.  
A good time was had by all.