Saturday, 30 May 2015

Clothes from Italy

Our friend from Milan, Susanna Gregorio arrived back in Watamu this week and brought with her a special delivery of lovely clothes for our children and teenagers.
The clothes are gifts from Daniela Bonassi and Laura Astori who also live in Milan.and who fell in love with our family when they visited Happy House. Daniela is in Peninah's sponsor family.
Friends at home as well as on holiday, Daniela and Laura knew that Susanna would be
happy to take the clothes and messages to Mama with her on her latest trip..
They also sent pictures of their visit to Happy House.
Thank you Laura and Daniela for your kindness and thanks to Susanna for playing postman!
Pictures: Above: Daniela with Peninah, Laura with one of oyr identical twins Peter and Paul; Daniela, Laura and Susanna.   Right: Susanna and Mama.