Friday, 1 May 2015

Make it happen - Mama did!

Make a difference, make it happen, make a pledge was the theme of a wonderful evening hosted by Network She at Doubletree Hilton Hotel, Chester, last night.
Aimed at showcasing the inspirational spirit of  the ladies business networking organisation and charitable foundation, our Mama Sue was invited as a key speaker.
Sue, who won a Network She Award in 2012, told of how a holiday in Kenya in 2000 had put her on the road which led, 10 years on to the opening of the Happy House.
Now it is home to 110 children and school to 130 more.
In 15 years of tireless devotion, dedication and determination, Sue showed how she was making a difference, making it happen and, every minute of every day, pledging her life to helping children in need.
Winners of the 2015 awards spoke of their own inspirational stories in business and in life, but it was our own Mama Sue who left those in the room speechless as they struggled with their emotions to hold back the tears.
The magic of our Happy House cast its spell once again winning us more lovely friends for our family - men and women who make a pledge and honour it and who will, we know,, help us to continue our work in saving and transforming young lives.
Our thanks to Network She founder Ruth Lloyd-Williams for inviting Mama, Papa and Elizabeth to be a part of this special evening, and for supporting all that we do and to the Network's foundation for the £400 they donated to our recent beds appeal.
And to all those people, who do amazing things themselves but who came to offer their friendship and help to our work, thank you.
All you can do is truly appreciated.
Pictures: Top: Elizabeth Gomm, Mama Sue, Papa Dave and Ruth Lloyd-Williams.
Above right: Mama Sue and Network She Foundation trustee Carolyn Hodrien.
Above left:Alissa Koopal, a 2015 Network She Award winner and founder of Izzy Melody.