Sunday, 17 November 2013

My giant pumpkin, by Musyoka

A very proud young farmer, Musyoka, was so happy when he received a packet of pumpkin seed from a member  of his sponsor family, Lynn Baya Thoya,
He planted them in the garden, watered and tended them until he proudly harvested the biggest of the crop, weighing an amazing 11kg.
Musyoka. today's blogger, writes:
Just want to tell you about the seeds Aunty Lynn sent, I went to plant them and they grew and grew until the plant it came a very big pumpkin.
 I had to harvest the big pumpkin and we ate it together and we were happy to eat the pumpkin together
And I still have another one in my shamba (plot) I have just planted more  in my garden and I still want to plant more and more.
After we ate it I took the seeds of the plant so that I can even get more seeds to plant but  just want to say thank you to Aunty Lynn for the seeds.
The  pictures are of  the pumpkin and me, and of me, Sifa and the pumpkin,  and I will always make sure that I harvest one pumpkin from my garden and we shall all be happy when we are eating it
From Musyoka
PS: I need more, please.