Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Together again

Our family sometimes provides shelter in a storm for families going through a difficult time.
This has been the case for the families of Manuela and baby Leah. 
Ten-year-old Manuela , who was living with her widowed dad, came to us in October when there was a crisis in the family situation.
It has taken weeks to sort out but now they are together again.
Uncle Billy says: It has been a traumatic seven weeks for them both but all's well that ends well.

 "Manuela was reunited with her father in a very emotional ceremony. 
"Another major step was made for baby Leah who came to the stability of our family after her mum died in childbirth.
"Her  dad and her family are over the grieving period and can now look after her, loving and caring for her.
"As always the Happy House likes to be the bridge over troubled waters and this is tangible proof.
"Both families are full of praise  and  thanks to be to  Mama and Papa for the love, care ,support and encouragement they have received ."
Easy way of fundraising
Doing your Christmas shopping with Amazon, Tesco, Sainsbury’s M&S , Argos or many other big stores? You can raise money for our Happy House whenever you shop with them and 3000 other stores by using the  fundraising website, easyfundraising.
 It won’t cost you a penny more and everything you buy will raise money in the form of a donation from the trader you are shopping with. 
So please  help us by shopping via this link http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/watamuhappyhouse
One of our friends who is doing her shopping this way says: "Once you have initially signed up, whenever you go to the shopping site there is a bar at the top to click on - it is yellow and turns green when  you have clicked. 
"After that whenever you go to a site that you have previously visited the bar is green and so there is a donation. It does say it can tale 30 days for the donation to come through."