Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Our family grows

A happy life beckons to every child who joins our family. Two children, from tragic backgrounds, are the latest members to be taken under our wing and their sadness is being replaced by smiles as the Happy House works its magic on their young lives.
Two year old Ricky was brought to us by his terminally ill mum who, with nobody else to turn to, wanted to be sure that he had a secure future,
As her health is deteriorating Ricky's mum has been struggling to maintain even the most basic living and on bad days she and Ricky had been going to bed hungry.
Uncle Billy said: " This made her feel so inadequate and she wanted  to secure Ricky’s future in case of her incapacitation.
'' Ricky is now in baby class and well settled.''
Mama Sue said it was so difficult for the mum to leave her little boy and it was a very emotional parting, but she was determined to do the best by her child.
Mercy, aged eight, has come to us for care and protection after the breakdown of her family which left her vulnerable. She has been through so much but has soon become one of the girls and is enjoying life in her new home.