Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Some things never stop

 One thing is for certain, keeping up appearances at the Happy House is like an never ending story.
It's like painting the Forth Bridge, a seemingly endless task.
Our buildings are big, they have to be to house all our family and a school, and the un-relentless sun, high humidity, and salt in the air take their toll on the paintwork, varnish etc.
And when you have 78 children at home, plus 70 or so more coming in every day to join them in school, wear and tear is an inevitability.
Some routine jobs were understandably put on hold while Mama and Papa were in the UK, but since they have been home Mama has forged ahead to catch up.
Paintwork and varnish are being spruced up and galana paths are being laid around the outside to keep ants from nesting in the gaps that had formed at the edges of the building.
Walls are being painted and  the wrought iron is being given a coat of paint, so that everything is spick and span.
The children's rooms were looking very tired. The bedcovers faded and worn after three years of daily washing, so they are being replaced room by room.
This all costs money, but it has to be spent. The Happy House  It is like any family home, you have to to look after so that everything lasts as long as possible,
And we do have a lot of years ahead of us ....