Friday, 15 November 2013

David the determined

Just one of the boys! Our David shows that with love, effort and determination anything is possible.
It is just two years since Mama was told David had Down's Syndrome.
Worried that he was not developing as he should be and having taken him for all kinds of medical tests which proved negative, Mama and Uncle Billy turned to a  specialist child development centre where, after examining him, they gave their diagnosis
Mama was told he had Down's and  to take him home and to love him. Mama said: "Is that all" and the reply was that there was little else she could do, he was unlikely to amount to much else.
But in our family, if you say something is not possible and we will do all we can to make sure that it is.
Love is never in short supply, nor is determination and focus.
Mama emailed Eliazbeth in the UK who  spent hours talking to the Down's Syndrome Association and researching nformation and advice that could help us to help David to be the best that he can be.
A programme of exercises to stimulate him mentally and physically was devised and undertaken three times as day. The exercises and effort  paid huge dividends for our very special boy. 
He's almost four, walking, trying very hard to talk in sentences and working hard in school.
David is our inspiration. He is a living testimony to our magic at work.
At the Happy House no obstacle is too great to overcome. We have the determination, we have the faith and the courage. If we do not have the knowledge, we will find someone who has.
Our children, like David, are our driving force.
What a child needs to enable them to grow and flourish, to reach their full potential, we will find. Nothing is too much.
Without Mama's own faith and courage, her determination to build her Happy House and change children's lives, where would the vulnerable, disadvantaged kids, like David, be now?
To see him being just "one of the boys" toddling off, after Harry,to school, sitting down to lessons and having fun is the greatest reward in the world.
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