Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Making a splash

 Our kids had a splashing time when they went on their annual school trip!
Two large buses, hired for the day, transported 125 children and 12 teachers to Wild Waters Adventure Park , near Mombasa.
The long journey was part of the adventure and the  excited children sang all the way.
Mama and Papa joined the family and day pupils and enjoyed watching as the boys and girls had fun trying out the different pools, sliding down the medium and small slides, floating on the giant inflatable ring and just splashing and playing.
There was something for everyone, and our water babies from the playgroup class just had a whale of a time.
Mama said "The babies all had a lovely time splashing around Our Determined David really had fun.
" All the kids had a brilliant time. We had a lovely lunch of chicken and rice.
" They were then taken up a small hill to the Rain Dance area.
" It was great for them, just  like dancing in the shower! 
"We arrived about 9.30 and left at 3.30 with a lot of very tired happy little people."