Sunday, 10 November 2013

Moving upstairs, by Janet

With the library, computer room and school offices moved into the beautifully converted banda, the upstairs rooms they occupied are being returned to family use.
Some of the older children are moving upstairs, to give us room to take more children in desperate need, and Mama has made sure they have been involved in the move every step of the way.
Our  Kidz Council  also had a say on who should be given the privilege of moving first with some of the older but, as Uncle Billy puts it,"more errant" members of the family being denied the chance until they get their act together!
He adds: " Those moving will be expected to take good care of their hygiene and cleanliness of the room in general. We know they can for they are willing and able. Well done kids and congratulations for your hard work"
Today, Janet, tells us all about the exciting changes:

 It was on Sunday when suddenly Mama and Papa came and frankly speaking, Mama asked the Kids Council whether they would accompany them for shopping.
Before going for shopping Mama said to Evance and Sifa because they are gentlemen they should sit the back seats,  but Evance said that when Uncle Frank came he said that ladies should always be the first ones to sit, then they should say thank you to the gents.
Our way to shopping, Mama told us that we are going to choose some new material for our new rooms upstairs we all felt very excited  then Mama told us because the following week we the kids council can organize the kids  to help Madam Catherine and Mr Omoi to carry the computers and books from library and computer room so that the rooms could be vacant and for cleaning.
The next week, Mama and Papa  took the kids council to Malindi Nakumatt so that we can get some of the materials needed for our news bedrooms  like clocks, mirrors and everything.
We thanked Mama and Papa and all the Happy House family for making a difference to our lives.
That’s why we can’t stop loving our Mama.