Monday, 4 November 2013

Santa calling!

Today our Happy House Santa is making a plea to all our fantastic friends around the world.

He would like you to help him fill his sack of goodies ready to deliver to our 78 children when Christmas Day dawns.
With less than eight weeks to go, gifts for our children  will be so welcome. 
As you will know from previous years, our children get one or two gifts plus something new to wear.
Santa visits  and Neema gets a gift , 2012 
Paperback books are right at the top of our Christmas wish list - we can't have too many!
Our older children are avid readers and we always need new titles. 
DVDs, computer games are great too.
 If a child receives a book, PC game or  DVD as a gift, it will be shared with their brothers and sisters and everyone gets to enjoy it. Sharing comes naturally to our youngsters and is something Mama and Papa encourage.
Our girls love having a bag to take with the when they go on an outing and for storing away their hair bobbles etc in their locker.  So pretty shoulder bags are gab.
Sports-related gifts are great for boys or girls. 
New clothes would be great too, everyone likes having something new  to wear ... at least you know that whatever you send will fit someone as we have children from just a few months to 16!
After three years, some of our Christmas decorations have lost their sparkle so anything you can send would be gratefully appreciated.

We have to rely on receiving everything by post this year, so if you can help please send your gift to Sue Hayward's Happy House, PO Box 796, Watamu, Kenya, East Africa.

We are so very lucky to have so many people who we know will want to send gifts for Christmas and we are just so grateful to every one of you.
Anything you can send, however small, will be so appreciated and will bring a smile to a child this Christmas
Thank you.
**Just one thing to mention,  board games and jigsaws with small pieces are not ideal, as with so many children it  is hard to keep track of the pieces and we have to be watchful with little ones around. Also as the sun is almost always shining the kids like to be playing out of doors!