Friday, 8 November 2013

Visitors for Charity

Charity's grandparents are ever grateful for the home and happiness she has at the Happy House.
Her mum died shortly after she was born and she was such a poorly little baby when she came to us, so weak she couldn't cry.
Her grandparents were unable to buy milk for her and feared for her life.  When her grandfather came to visit a few weeks after she had been with us, he was amazed to see her thriving. 
He told Mama: "I gave you a dying baby and you have given me a beautiful granddaughter."
They have stayed in touch and come to see her when they can. This picture is from their visit this week.
Uncle Billy says: "After a couple of months,Charity got a well deserved visit from her blood relations .It always good for the relatives to keep abreast with the progress of their children. They were so thankful of the evident progress seen in charity and were hoping to visit her again soon."