Friday, 22 November 2013

Sew far, sew good

Learning new skills is important to all our children and thanks to a very generous donation they'll soon be learning to sew.
We will be able to buy materials needed, bring in someone teach them, as well as getting the sewing machines that we have, but were unable to use because they had parts missing, repaired and serviced.
Mama called in a local repair man who came to the Happy House to work on them.
She hopes that, in time,  any of our kids, girls or boys, who want to try their hand a sewing will be able to learn.
Mama, thrilled with donation, said: " When I went with the kids and bought the material they chose for their new rooms, and the lady at the store gave me a bag full of off cuts that she had been saving for me. I thought I should get these children sewing, then the news of the cheque arrived.
" Then I had a man here who is making me mattress covers and he has made a lovely job of them. Dave saw him later he asked if I was happy with his work, and did we have any machines at Happy House, Dave said yes, he then asked, do you have a teacher? So this all seems meant to be."
Thank you to the lovely lady who has made the possible.