Thursday, 28 November 2013

A growing venture ... for our kids

 Inspiring our children to become business men and women of the future, Mama has given the Happy House Young Farmers a chance to cultivate their own enterprise by growing and selling produce.
Seeing just how much they love gardening, Mama invite the key members  to a meeting where she explained her proposal to them.
One of the seven "greenhouse" tunnels would be handed over to them where they could plant and raise their own crops to sell locally, they would have their own Post Office saving account and when they had raised enough money could use it to go on a trip.
Mama explained how they would have to run their business properly, by keep records and accounts and, as an incentive,  said she would match any earnings they made.
Papa and our head gardener, Uncle Telvin, would be on hand to give them practical help and advice on their crops.
The kids were bowled over by the idea. Mama invited Damian Davies, general manager of Turtle Bay Hotel to look round the Happy House to see how it has developed since he was last there, told him of her plan.
Damian, keen to promote young enterprise, arranged to set up a meeting at the hotel with his purchasing manager, Maxwell.  The kids, all very smartly turned out and well prepared with their questions, went with Mama and Papa to meet him to ask whether he would buy their produce, what he would buy and how they should go about it.
Maxwell gave them a real insight to what hotels look for when purchasing produce and stressed they would only accept the highest quality.
He was so impressed by their mature and intelligent approach he agreed to buy any tomatoes, sweet melons and other crops  that they could produce at the going rate - provided they could deliver to his exacting quality standards.
He said it was the first time he had ever had an approach like this and thought it was a brilliant venture for our young people.
The Young Farmers went back to the Happy House fired up to start their own business and the greenhouse is now planted and their seedlings are being carefully nurtured and everyone is excitedly looking forward to their first harvest and sales!
Pictures: Top: Purchasing manager Maxwell with Firkiri and Mercy.  Group picture: seated: Janet, Mama, Sifa, Mariam, Maxwell, Fikiri, standing: Samson, Evans, Papa, Margaret, Maria, Jane, Mercy and Oscar. Above left: Mama with Turtle Bay general manager Damian Davies at the Happy House;  right: business meeting in progress.