Saturday, 16 November 2013

A place of calm to read and to think

 Relocating the library to our new school resource centre in the grounds gave Mama the idea of using the small banda, right next to it, as a quiet area for our children.
In such a busy, all-action family, it can be hard to find somewhere to sit and read or just to sit and think, so a quiet area was much needed.
It was easily and cheaply achieved. Mama bought some wicker furniture, arranged for our tailor to make some cushions, and the reading room was finished.
It's become an immediate hit. With the library right next door, children can easily borrow a book and our librarian, teacher Catherine, is nearby to keep an eye on it.
There are shelves for newspapers which our kids do love to read.
Mama said that one day this week she looked out and one of the boys was sitting , just like a businessman,  catching up on the news.
It's also a place where Mama or Uncle Billy can sit , in a relaxed atmosphere, to have a chat with a child who needs some help or direction..
An oasis of calm in a very lively household!