Thursday, 7 November 2013

Vital addition to make room for another

 It's been all systems go on our Room for Another Project... and now the banda conversion is finished and we have a new resource centre for our school.
With computer room, library and offices relocated in the grounds, and new toilets added for girls and boys, upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms, which had been used by the primary school, are now being returned to family use.
With some of the older children moving in upstairs, there will be more beds to take in other children who are in desperate need of a safe home.

Mama's brilliant idea of converting the banda was the most cost effective way to create space and with we decided to go ahead with the work even though we have not yet raised the £22,000 it has cost. 
Then (above) and now
We decided to dip into the contingency fund we have worked so hard to build up over the last year, because we didn't want any child to suffer while we were waiting.
We will just have to work even harder on raising money.
The new resource centre is ideal because it is set in the grounds. It houses the computer room, library, staffroom and two small offices.
A former office, close to existing plumbing, has been used to create new school toilets.
Mama has watched over every stage of the project ensuring contractors have done the best job at the best price.
The result is perfect. 
Our kids helped on moving day and the banda is now a busy extension to our school
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