Thursday, 18 April 2013

Books and Bratz from Kayleigh

We are so grateful to everyone who is so generous to our family.
Maria, Janet, Mercy and Margaret
And we are proud that we can promise them that what they is give to the Happy House family gets to our family.
We know how much trouble and effort you go to to support us and how you enjoy seeing pictures of the items you have donated in use.
I know I still get a buzz when I see the two £14.99 pushchairs I gave being used by our babies
I bought them in Tesco, Blackpool, in 2009, and they were shipped to Kenya in a container ready for the Happy House opening in 2010. They are still going strong now.
Kayleigh Moore, daughter of Brenda Groves' friend Kim Moore, had a clear out of all her childhood treasures, and gave them to Brenda to bring to the Happy House on her recent visit.
These included a collection of Bratz fashion dolls, bought in the USA, along with lots of changes of clothes, accessories etc all in their own case.
Brenda brings the books
Because of the the fiddly bits, which could easilyget lost, we gave them to our older girls to look after and they were delighted.
They love dressing up themselves, in what they call their "safari" clothes. These are their best clothes, reserved for special occasions and outings, so we thought how much fun they would have with these dolls and would use them in a different way to their younger  sisters.
Who knows, they might even inspire a fashion designer or stylist of the future?
Thank you Kayleigh, your dolls, books, pencils etc are in very good hands.