Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Our magic gets to work on three little lives

Helping hand
What a difference a week makes….
It is remarkable to see how Sudi, Abu and baby Athmani have settled in to our family within just days of being taken into our care and away from all they had ever known.
Doing well
To Athmani, at three weeks, and  so fragile at 1.5kg, where he was being cared for wouldn’t really matter,except without our intervention, at the request of his grandmum, he may not have survived at all.
He was such a poorly little boy, losing weight instead of gaining it, because his grandmother could only afford to buy cow’s milk for him and he couldn't digest it.
Lovely Sudi
Now he is on a special formula milk for premature babies, feeding well, and gaining weight. He is alert and very content.
Despite having lost their mum, who died in childbirth, just four weeks ago, Sudi, about four, and her little brother, Abu, who is around three,  have responded in no time to our Happy House magic.
Coming from abject poverty and never having been to school, they happily started at our Little Chicks the day after they arrived and were doing their baby class exam with the other kids two days later. Teacher 
Madam Helen says that they were surprisingly good at holding a pencil and colouring in..
Trick or treat?
Socially, the kids are absolutely at home. They only speak their tribal tongue, Giriama, but as this is the tribe local to us it is also the birth language of many of our staff and children so they are not entirely isolated..
Llanguage doesn’t seem to matter, anyway, as Sudi and Abu play happily without words , taking their their lead from their playmates.  At mealtimes, they copy by putting their hands together when it is time for grace,eating with cutlery etc.
Their new Happy House brothers and sisters are their guides to their new world – they have shown them how to use their toothbrushes,to  take a shower and to use the toilet, all of which were alien to them.
Smiles better
Abu and Sudi had their first taste of ice cream on Monday, it was an Easter treat for the family.  Abu wasn’t sure what to make of it, when he tried the first spoonful he winced at the unexpected cold. But after a few more tries, flavour triumphed over sensation and he ate the lot, as did Sudi.
To see how this little trio are blossoming is a testimony to the wonderful family Mama has created.
It is heartwarming and such a privilege to be a part of it.