Wednesday, 17 April 2013

With love from Northern Ireland

The Happy House has become a family affair for me and my sisters, writes volunteer Dawn Heather White.
I have sponsored Katana since the Happy House first opened its doors and my sister
Andrea sponsors Katana’s brother Fikiri. 
 When I was here last October Auntie Rose told me that my other sister Emma had sent a message to say that she had just become a member of twin Pendo’s sponsor family and she asked me to bring back lots of photographs.
 Emma has two children of her own, Fionn aged 10 and Bram aged 6.
They were so eager to see the pictures of their new sister when I got back to Northern Ireland and I was able to tell them all about Pendo and her twin sister Sauma and their lives in the Happy House
. It is good for them to hear about children in another country with lives very different from their own.
 When I was preparing to come back this time my sister asked if I would bring a book for Pendo and a card for her memory box.  
Both Fionn and Bram have their own memory boxes at home so they understand the importance of these boxes of treasures.
 They both signed the card in their best handwriting and wrote that they read the blog everyday to see if they can see any pictures of Pendo. 
 I think that today they will be very excited to read the blog!