Thursday, 11 April 2013

History in the making

A public holiday on Tuesday marked the inauguration of Kenya’s new president, Uhuru Kenyatta , following his victory in March against Raila Odinga
And as dignitaries and tens of thousands of people witnessed the new president, son of Kenya's first president Jomo Kenyatta, being sworn in at the inauguration in Nairobi, our children watched this new chapter in their country’s history unfolding on television.
They are encouraged to take an interest in what is happening around them and the older children watch the news every evening.
But for this important event even our youngest member of the family, Athman, was wheeled in … listening from his pram on the sidelines!.
Yesterday, Athman had his first trip to Malindi with social worker Uncle Billy and volunteer DawnHeather White.
DawnHeather  writes: “ Uncle Billy and I headed off to the baby clinic in Malindi with little Athman. I doubt he would have slept so contentedly in my arms on the way there if he had known what was ahead of him.
We arrived and joined the queue to sign in and get Athman weighed. Even though I had to place him on a steel scale he still continued to sleep while Billy and  I were thrilled when we learnt  of his continued weight gain. The next task was not quite so pleasurable as I had to hold Athman’s leg straight while he got an injection first in one tiny thigh and then the other. However, he made clear his displeasure at the taste of  the polio drops by screwing his face up in disgust. Once back in the car he drank a bottle of  milk and once again fell sound asleep for the return journey.”