Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Twice as nice ...

Everyone in the Happy House family is used to seeing double.
Amani and Baraka
Pendo and Saumu
We have four sets of twins and, apart from the eldest and only girl twins, Pendo and Saumu,each set is  difficult to tell apart.
 Pendo and Saumu, are very independent and individual  and whilst they happily play separately with their own friends, they are very close.
 When,after lunch, it is lala time and the littlies settle down for a nap, Pendo and Saumu often lie next to each other, sometimes with their legs entangled!

Jonathan and James
The girls are in baby class, whilst
 the three sets of boy twins are in playgroup – Jonathan and James, Baraka and Amani and Peter and Paul.
Peter and Paul
There are slight differences which help a lot when trying to tell Jonathan and James and Baraka and Amani apart, but Peter and Paul have everyone baffled
When they are in school uniform, even the teachers and aunties get confused at times and call them "PeterPaul" until they are close enough to see the subtle distinguishing marks.
No doubt this pair will have lots of fun playing tricks when they are older and realize just how identical they are! 

 In the news .....
Thank you to the glitzy and glossy Lancashire Life Magazine for devoting three pages to an article and pictures on Mama Sue's Happy House family.
We hope it will bring us lots of new friends.
The feature appears in the May edition which is on sale now.  It can be bought online from http://www.buyamag.co.uk/Regional-Magazines/Lancashire-Life