Saturday, 13 April 2013

Burnley best friends

Brian Julie Rose Trish and Laurence
The Happy House has very special links with the Lancashire town of Burnley.
All our kids have Burnley FC kits, donated by the club, and most of our furniture in the school and house, plus the kits and many more items, came via Terry Burns and his Burnley based charity Furniture for Education Worldwide.
Terry has introduced us to lots of lovely people from his home town and they have opened their hearts to our children by becoming sponsors.
So we were very happy to welcome Furniture for Education trustee, Laurence Embley, his partner Trish Ellis and their friends Julie and Brian Cooper to the Happy House this week.
Meeting Stevie
Laurence, Terry's best pal, was at the opening three years ago along with Terry and a party of family of friends, so he was now able to see just how much our family has grown and developed since then.
For teacher Trish it was a first visit as it was for Julie, leader of Burnley Borough Council, and Brian.
They were amazed by the size and scale of the Happy House and in awe of the vision and determination of the woman who  created it, Mama Sue. 
They chatted to teachers, social worker Uncle Billy, staff members and , of course, to our kids.
Meeting their sponsor children for the first time was so important, Laurence and Trish sponsor Lily, whilst Julie and Brian are special friends to little Stevie.
Hello to Lily
Both children were a bit shy at first, but Trish and Laurence and Julie and Brian were happy to just say hello on their first visit knowing that in the days following they would have other chances to get to know the children on their own terms.
Over the course of their stay both couples planned to help as often, and in any way, they could. Brian was looking forward to playing football with the lads!
Teacher Trish and Julie, a former teacher, were both very keen to see how our school works and to assist in class if possible.
Very generously they brought lots of necessities for our kids, plus some special items for Stevie and Lily.
Thank you Laurence, Trish, Julie and Brian for coming to see us and for strengthening the special bond between our family and your hometown.