Monday, 15 April 2013

Half marathon motivated by our kids

Running 13 miles is a tough call, specially without training!
But that is just what Adriana Prieto and her friend Debora Magni have done.
Spurred on by our Happy House kids, Adriana (Anna to our family) and Debora completed the course.
Anna, from Mexico but now living in Italy, who volunteered with us for three months takes up the story: 
"I was walking by Piazza Santa Croce in Florence when I saw all these runners picking up their packages because the next day the Half Marathon Firenze was taking place.
I love doing sports and I love running, so I decide ask the staff if I can run the next day.
My friend Debora and I were so nervous because we didn´t train.
That night I couldnt sleep, but then I think of the Happy House kids, and they were like a shot of motivation and of confidence to finish the race.
For that reason I decided to write on my t-shirt:
Because everything happened so fast I didnt have the time to collect sponsor money, instead I was so surprised and happy that many people took pictures of my t-shirt and asked me about the Happy House and the kids. 
For me, that was so satisfactory, because The Happy House was making a noise in Florence.
When the race finished, the winners of the women's category went to the pódium, the three of them were from Africa. 
The second place was from Kenya. Debora and I, who both volunteered in Kenya, were so proud that the winners were from Africa.
When they went down from the pódium, the three of them gave us their flowers as a sign of gratitude of what my t-shirt said.
It was only a ''grain of sand” for the kids, my friends, at the Happy House.
I love and miss them always."
Thank you Anna for once again helping to spread the word about the work being done at the Happy House.