Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Loving and being loved by our Happy House kids is just the best feeling in the world, writes Elizabeth Gomm
Brenda, Red and Auntie Libz
They hold a huge place in my heart, and as I have said before, they are the magnet that draws me back to Kenya time and time again. To know that you, too, hold a place in their little hearts and that they love you too is indescribable.
Our kids are so special, they have been through so much before they come to us they do not, understandably, invest their trust easily.
But when you earn that trust, you have it forever.
I am privileged that I have known each of  them since they joined our family, and have been able to watch them grow and blossom. Our friends Brenda and Red Groves have also know them right since the start.
Baby Harry was a year old when I took him back to meet the lovely lady who found him, newborn, abandoned in a carrier bag on a rubbish tip in Malindi.
Yesterday, he sat on my lap in Kidz Club singing his heart out and doing all the actions to the hymn Running Over.
Harry will be three in June and owes his very survival to the Happy House magic.
Cake for Sudi
When I first met Mama Sue, way back in 2007 when the Happy House was a just her dream, her vision, I had no idea how that day would change my life.
As she told me, the journalist, about her plans, although she had no land, nor money, nor formal plans, I knew she was going to do it and that I wanted to help her.
Her vision of a Happy House where vulnerable children could grow in safety with love, education and opportunity struck a chord so deep within me I hadn’t known it existed.
Now these children are my driving force. They are my Kenyan rays of sunshine and  brighten every day of my life. I am their Auntie Libz.
Helping my friend , their Mama, in my small way to make a difference to such important little lives is the best thing that I could ever do.
It is with a heavy heart that , with Brenda and Red, I said goodbye to our family  ( to soften the blow we did it with cake!), to fly home to the UK today, but I know that when I next come back , my second family will  be here waiting with open arms and happy smiles to greet me.
That day cannot come soon enough.