Monday, 22 April 2013

Friends indeed from Italy and the UK

Marina Temperato lives in Italy but is a frequent visitor to the Happy House ..  and to see one special little boy.
Marina is a member of our little David's sponsor family and she loves him to bits.
She enjoys seeing how he is growing and coming on, knowing that he needs lots of encouragement to do things for himself.
David, who was diagnosed with Down's, has made brilliant progress in the last 18 months and once he is walking confidently will be moving on from the baby banda to join his peers in the playgroup class.
He is nearly there, and as the eldest in the baby banda leading the way - showing his little "sister"  Esther how easy it is to feed yourself and to stand up etc!
David was two last December, and because of the way he is responding and interacting we have every hope that he will settle down well at school.
Marina has been giving him a helping hand to get there, giving him lots of encouragement and praise as he tries to toddle for himself.
Marina brought David a special t-shirt to wear, and also very kindly brought lots of clothes for our kids plus a delivery of store cupboard groceries to help feed our family.
Thank you to Marina (and to her friends) for your love and friendship, and welcome back.
Pierre and Frankie with Uncle Isaac
There was a warm welcome, also , for Frankie and Pierre from London who called in on the Happy House whilst touring in Africa.
They were shown around by Auntie Velma and amazed by the very high standards of childcare and education , Mama Sue and her team are implementing at the Happy House
They were keen to know more and after a chat with Uncle Billy and Uncle Isaac said they hope to help us, if they can, in the future.
Thank you Frankie and Pierre for coming to see us.