Saturday, 27 April 2013

Mama in hospital

It's been a difficult time for Mama and Papa. 
Mama Sue, as some of you will know, has been poorly since the charity night and has, for the last three weeks, been in Blackpool Victoria Hospital while doctors try to find the cause of the pain which has immobilised her right hip..
It's the hip that was partially replaced in an emergency operation in Mombasa three years ago, after a fall.
She will definitely need surgery, but there seems to be some underlying infection that doctors have to identify before they can operate and she has been subjected to some gruelling tests.
Papa is constantly at her side and  a huge support.
Mama says: "I am feeling much better but with this, internet connection problems and a new laptop, I have been getting behind with emails and I am sorry if you have not had a reply.
If you would like to resend, please, I will try to answer just as soon as possible,"
Get well soon, Mama, we are all sending our love and good wishes for a speedy recovery to you,  and our  love to Papa, too.
All together now .. 
Our kids love line dancing and don't put a foot out of step when they perform the routines they have taught themselves from watching dvds.
Earlier this month they gave a display at a community event for children's homes in Malindi and this video records, in stills and action, our children's day out