Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Welcome to our family

 Visitors Maureen Burgess and Alan Andrews couldn’t believe their eyes when they came to visit our Happy House.
They had heard all about it from friends Brenda and Red Groves, also staying at Turtle Bay, but it far exceeded anything they had expected.
Maureen, who happens to know Red from her farm shop in Wantage where he buys horse feed , was on holiday with Andrew at the same time as Red and Brenda by sheer coincidence.
It was lucky for us. Brenda brought them to look around and they were totally bowled over by it and very inspired by Mama Sue’s wonderful story. They were only sorry that they were unable to meet her.
Both are joining our family of child sponsors and we hope they will come back to see again soon.
Alan and Andrew are pictured with Harrison, Mwende, Saumu and Ushindi