Sunday, 21 April 2013

Plait's the way

Mariam. Jedidah,Jane, Maria, Shakila, Janet and Mercy

Our girls always look beautifully neat with their hair in braids. 
Mama Sue believes it is important for all our children to take a pride in their appearance, and so she arranged for local hairdressers come to visit every fortnight.
The girls look forward to seeing them.
This week's blogger Daniella tells us:
The hairdresser comes to the Happy House every two weeks to do all the girls’ hair.
First, the day before, we take out the braids we have, which takes a long time,  and everyone helps each other (Natasha and Rukia are helping Daniella in the picture)
 We all like getting our hair done because it looks good.
Some girls have a lot of hair. It can take one hour to get their hair done.
The hairdressers are called Auntie Eunice and Auntie Mary.
 All the girls are pleased to see them because they know their hair will be nice that day.
 Everybody wants to be first but they have to wait for their turn there are so many girls.
 Auntie Eunice and Auntie Mary come from snack time until 4 o’clock on Saturday and 9 o’clock until 6 o’clock on Sunday
Sometimes the girls will have their hair plaited in lines but sometimes their have it plaited on top of their head like Mount Kilimanjaro
Auntie Velma (pictured )  has the Mount Kilimanjaro hair style. 
It looks nice.