Friday, 19 April 2013

Our Fleetwood friends

Pupils at Larkholme Primary School, Fleetwood, are excited about joining our Happy House family.
They have raised more than £200 to sponsor a child and are now eager to find out which of of kids will become their special friend.
The children at Larkholme held an African themed afternoon to raise the money, with all kinds of activities from art to music.
Some dressed up in improvised costumes, whilst others showed their artistic talents by painting African sunset pictures.
One boy Aaron wore a t-shirt to show how he was supporting the Happy House family.
The children were
introduced to the Happy House by  Sandra Foulkes, whose family sponsors twins Saumu and Pendo.  Sandra, a member of Fleetwood Rotary Club, is the mentor for their Rotakids group and she and her family have visited the Happy House and become our very good friends.
Last month Elizabeth went into school to show them a dvd about the Happy House and to tell them a bit out our children and the African afternoon was held later.
Thank you to everyone at Larkholme, we look forward to getting to know you better.
And also in Fleetwood....
Fleetwood Rotary Club gave a very warm welcome to Elizabeth when she went along to their meeting on Monday to give them a progress report on the Happy House.
 The club has been supporting the work of the Happy House for a number of years and it was thanks to them that Sue was invited to address the district conference in Scarborough last month.
David Simpson, district president, and his wife Janet are members of Fleetwood Rotary.
Elizabeth, Auntie Libby to the Happy House family, was able to tell them just how the family has grown and how the Happy House gets better and better with every visit.
She was also able to tell them the story of the newest members of our family, Sudi, Abu and baby Athman.
As always, the Fleetwood Club was very welcoming and sent their very best wishes to Mama Sue who was unable to attend,
And they also snapped up lots of our cotton bags which, at £5 a time, are beings old to help our family.
*Elizabeth is pictured with Sandra Foulkes and club president Shaun MacNeill