Monday, 1 April 2013

Spring chorus and Mama on the mend

The Happy House spreads its magic everywhere. 
Uncle Billy and Auntie Libby took an enthusiastic party of kids, our line dancing troupe, to Hearts Children’s Home for a celebration day for the new network of children’s homes, which also aimed to raise awareness amongst the local community in the hope of encouraging businesses to donate foodstuffs to the help the homes..
There were the obligatory speeches from some very important people including the District Officer the Chief of Police, and Uncle Billy, who played such a big part in setting up the network.
Our kids, looking so smart and bright in their Happy House t-shirts, black shorts and red cowboy hats, were the first of the children’s homes represented to entertain and everyone was thrilled by their line dancing display.
Soon afterwards we boarded the matatu and headed for home.  
Our kids, so full of energy, were still in full voice…. getting louder and louder the nearer home we got.
By the time our bus turned into the Happy House gates the little ones, alerted by the sound of their brothers and sisters singing, had gathered and were jumping up and down, singing too.
If we could only bottle this love of life and pure happiness, our Happy House would never be short of a shilling again.
Mama on the mend
Mama is now home from hospital and recovering from the severe infection that caused has caused her so much pain and which meant that she and Papa Dave were unable to travel back to Kenya to celebrate Papa's 70th birthday on Thursday with the kids.
It's been hugely disappointing for them and for all the family, but Mama , who thanks everyone for their kind messages,  is well on the way to recovery  after being treated with intravenous antibiotics.