Thursday, 31 May 2012

The fruits of love

A you know times are tough as we face the ever-increasing bills of raising our very special family of 58.
So it is a great joy and a blessing to know that local people are more than happy to share what little they have with our children.
The Happy House has earned a place in their hearts for the way it is helping the vulnerable children from their communities.
Uncle Billy tells me: "We got a call from a Volunteer Mama at Msabaha where a number of our children have come from saying they had collected mangoes which were ready in a central point for us to collect.
"It was a truly fruitful trip since we received more than 25 kilos of fresh mangoes - this means we will save on the expense of fruit and our children will enjoy the fresh fruit and juice - straight from nature. We have been promised more in a week's time. 
"We experienced a lot of love and support and it was touching when even an old grandma came out with her bucket full of mango fruits as her gift."
Thank you all for your love and support, you have truly made a difference in  your own,  very special,way.
*Auntie Rose and driver Noah are pictured with a grandmum bearing gifts, and Uncle Billy is pictured wit kitchen assistant, Joyce.