Tuesday, 8 May 2012

One, two and three ... bumper birthdays!

With the Happy House second birthday party today, Kidz Club yesterday was an excited assembly.
Mama, Papa and I know the cake has been baked (you only had to look at Margaret mixture splatted t-shirt to know she had been helping), and we knowthe party is an animal theme (we appealed for the masks) but that's it.
Lips have been tightly sealed and we have been kept completely and cleverly in the dark.
The party should have been in March but when Mama and Papa were delayed in the UK, the kids flatly refused to have the party without them.
Mama had told her team to go ahead as planned but the kids wouldn't do it -  no Mama and Papa, no party!
Now they're back, the best rehearsed kids in the world are all set for showtime and however much Mama has been trying to find out what they are doing they are not telling.
At Kidz Club she asked: "What is your favourite song in the show?" Nobody answered except big sister Janet who said simply: "We do not know!" That's telling you Mama. A surprise they're planning and a surprise is what you are going to get!
On the theme of birthdays, this week three were celebrated our traditional way. Papa had the VIP role of presenting third birtrhday gifts (sent by sponsor Andrea Manders) to Natasha,  Mama wearing a hot pink skirt took rather a fancy to the flowery headband Andrea had sent and everyone was in fits of giggles when she modelled it for them!
Twins Jonathan and James carried by Mariam and Daniela went forward for their presents and cards (sent by sponsor Sharon Harman) fo rtheir first birthday. Sharon had added some baby biscotti to their gifts and everyone was given a biscuit to taste!