Monday, 21 May 2012

Look out for the logo

The Happy House logo is now proudly sported by Woolston Rovers Under 9s Rugby League team. It's the Cheshire club's way of promoting our charity when they're on the field and an instant talking point.

Kathryn Forshaw explains: "Our club is called Woolston Rovers and we have been around for over 50 years. We are a community based Rugby League club with players from age 5 to age 55. our team is  the Under 9s and most of our players are aged around eight ".
We have 13 players who love spending time together, playing rugby, training and just having fun. They are: Mitchell, Tyler, Max, Kane, Declan, Alfie, Ellis, George, Tom, Connor, Bradley, Dylan and Nathan. Our coaches are Jack, Ryan and Danny.

"We wanted to support the Happy House because Ryan and I got to know Sue and paid a short visit to the school she developed in Watamu some years ago.. We managed to give some support for a few years and attended some of the fundraisers that Sue held in Blackpool and we were full of admiration for the work being done.

 From that we promised ourselves that one day we would do something to help again so when we began to look for sponsors for our kit I decided to give something to have the Happy House logo on the shorts. We wanted to use this as a way to help the boys start to look outside of their own team and learn and support other children in need.

 Every week when they play we can remind them of why they have the logo on their shorts and talk about how we can help.

As a club we have a passionate belief in the benefits of sport for children in building self esteem and learning to work as a team and rugby in particular offers the chance for children of all abilities to still play a role in the team.
 Every child will play and learn irrespective of whether the are an outstanding athete or can hardly catch a ball! We have seen dramatic changes in children when they come to the club and start to play - teachers have commented on the change they have seen at school and parents have seen changes at home.
 This is especially true for children with special needs as the inclusive, team nature of the game allows children to participate where they have not been able to do so before. My son has learning difficulties and has gone from being the awkward child who couldn't catch a ball to being a young coach and referee and I have seen him grow and develop as a result. In a very small way we hope that we too are making a difference to the lives of some children."

Our picture shows some of the young Under 9 players and the design for their shorts with the our logo. Thanks and lots of love to  Kathryn, Ryan and everyone at Woolston Rovers.