Friday, 18 May 2012

High price of love

Here in Kenya, as in the rest of the world, costs are escalating.
Food, cleaning equipment, petrol, mechanical repairs and  general household maintenance, everything we need to keep a family of 58 children well nourished, healthy and happy costs more than it did a year ago.
Our wage bill rose overnight by 12% last year when the Government enforced a wage rise for every Kenyan worker. Something we could not budget for and which was totally beyond our control.
As our children grow up the demands on us change too - transport to football academy and inter-school sports events; new shoes and school uniform seemingly every five minutes, and of course the bigger they grow the hungrier they get.
Education demands too change and evolve. Our school is only in its second year and so it is only now , having allowed for start-up expenses, that we have an accurate picture of what how much it costs run.
The primary school is under construction, thanks to a generous donation, but the escalating costs of materials and labour have forced Mama Sue and her management team to make the painful decision to stop the build.
Since Mama Sue returned from the UK she has been working tirelessly , with her team, to look at the way forward.
Getting the makuti roof  on the school finished, before the rains set in properly, has been the priority and that will be completed this week.
Mama Sue has also made the difficult decision to return to return to the UK on Sunday to work with Libby on a fundraising drive to boost our much depleted bank balance.
It is a tough call for her. Her and Papa Dave’s hearts are here with their family, but they feel that by being in the UK for a time she and Libby will be able to forge ahead to bring in the money and getting the publicity we so desperately need.
Papa needs a cataract operation so it will also be a chance for him to get that done and they also have some personal business to attend to.
The priority, though, is to secure the future of our very special family.
Mama Sue will still be at the helm, making all key decisions and can be in daily contact with her team by Skype, email and telephone. She knows that she is leaving the family in the very secure and trusted hands of administrator Rose, social worker Billy and accountant Isaac.
It is heartbreaking for Mama, Papa , and for all the family, that they have to be separated but for the family it is the best and only decision they could make.
Over the coming weeks and months we hope that you will come forward with YOUR own fundraising ideas and initiatives to help us and we will certainly be telling you about the ideas and  campaigns that we have in mind.
Mama, who says she has the best job in the world, has for two years been “living the dream” here in Kenya where her heart is well and truly rooted.
With your fundraising, your help, your love and support,  we will have her and Papa back here where they belong as soon as we can - with cash in the bank to help us through whatever financial crisis may next occur.