Thursday, 10 May 2012

Animal magic

All the hard work, effort and rehearsal really paid off when our  children presented their animal themed show to celebrate the Happy House second birthday.
From the tiny tots in the baby class to the top year in our school were word perfect as they each played their oiwn special part in the show.
Simply stunning costumes, made from inexpensive local fabric, reflected the theme and the masks so many of you so kindly sent from the UK put the finishing touch.
There was the giraffe teased because he "couldn't dance" who turned the tables on his jungle pals when he illustrated fancy moves they all wanted to learn, Noah and his ark, an extract from the Lion King and much more.
Some of our own children's relatives came to watch, joining parents and friends of our school's day children in the audience.
No party is complete with cake, cut by Mama Sue , and everyone enjoyed a slice and a glass of juice.
It was a lovely, family party, and congratulations to the teachers and all the volunteers who had helped put together such a splendid show.
Looking back two years it shows just how far our own Happy House  children have come ... with love and encouragement, they have grown from beinf frirghtened and timid into confident, capable and happy kids.
That's  the Happy House magic!