Saturday, 26 May 2012

Judith's joy

Judith Carson , who lives in Belfast, is a manager with the health service and is in the sponsor family of our little Freddie who she met for the first time when she was volunteering at the Happy House last year.
Captain of a Girls' Brigade Company they sponsor Freddie's elder sister Mariam and she has been back to see them both and to volunteer again this year.
Here Judith gives a glimpse into why she is planning to be back to help again in 2013.
She has been back to volunteer again this year
"Once you have visited the Happy House the bond is formed and it's difficult not to be affected by the kids.  This is my second time spending a few weeks in the Happy House, working with the children and seeing how their lives have been enriched by the care and love offered by the staff.
I've often been asked what does a volunteer do, and what qualities do you need.  Well, perhaps to answer the "what" - my day usually consisted of helping the teachers in Kindergarten and the Primary classes, colouring in, sharpening pencils, helping with reading and even doing a little bit of teaching!
There is lots to do whether working with the babies, toddlers or the older children.  Clapping games, started by my friend Dawn Heather, had the children lining up shouting "and me, and me aunty", then there was playing on the tyres, football, aerobics and dancing, along with exam preparations.  Thanks to the teachers, my limited French, Maths and Swahili improved! Then there was the trip to the beach, which involved sand pie fights and water games (girls against the boys - girl-power!!)
To answer the "qualities" - basically all you need is a willingness to do whatever is required; go where needed; a love for Kenya and a heart for the children.  As you can see, I totally enjoyed being surrounded by the kids and being part of the Happy House family!
The highlight of this trip was lovely was getting to spend time with all the kids including my sponsored children, and being present at the closing ceremony when they were presented with their certificates.  Only 47 weeks to go until my next trip (and counting!)"